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The Hassle-Free Way To Bring Your
Dream Wedding To Reality Without Involving Any Stress, Drama or Anxiety!

In fact, you'll save precious time and money by cutting your planning time by half!

And that's not even the best part!

You will stand a chance to receive an exclusive $8,888 "Wedding Angpow" from Hotel Re!

(Read on to find out how...)

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Dear Soon-to-be Bride/Groom,

Have you just gotten engaged and are COMPLETELY CLUELESS about how to plan for possibly the Biggest Day of your life?

Do you have an idea for your dream wedding but just have no idea how to bring it to reality?

Or perhaps you have already begun your planning process and are confused by the many different bridal package offerings... and you just don't know what is truly important and necessary for your wedding...

You simply just don't know how and where to start!!

It’s ok to get overwhelmed by all these and I totally understand how you feel!

To be honest...

You know as well as I do and that is, you will probably end up copying what most other soon to be married couples do.

You will do your own research by going through pages after pages of wedding magazines, surfing different wedding websites and searching through forum after forum for ideas, reviews and tonnes of advice...

You may even end up visiting many different bridal fairs which overpromise on amazing deals and have booths with tons of vendors.. making it feel like a MARKETPLACE!

After spending all that time and effort, you only realize that there is TOO MUCH INFORMATION for you to take in and you might even up becoming even more confused and frustrated!

How do I know that?

Because I have been through the process myself and I've seen countless of other friends and family members who have repeated the same story again and again.

There's So Much To Do with
So Little Time!

Think about it, there are hundreds of Bridal Studios in Singapore!

Are you going to check out every single one of them? It’s clearly an impossible task!

And we are just talking about bridal studios...

There are still wedding venues to check out, wedding photographers and videographers to approach, wedding car services to hire...

Oh, and don't forget hiring the florist, printing wedding invitation cards, ordering wedding favours and much much more!

Don’t forget, I’m sure you have all heard countless horror stories about how wedding couples overspend their wedding budget because...

  • They did not know how to allocate their budget
  • They did not have the time to check out different vendors and so they settled for more expensive, mainstream options
  • They did not have anyone they could consult with and as a result, they ended up getting “scammed” because of hidden costs.
  • They missed out on important elements of the wedding, and ended up paying more on the actual day itself

And you mustn’t forget the BIGGEST ISSUE you could face when planning for your wedding... and that is THE COMPLETE LACK OF TIME!

Planning a wedding takes so much of your time... I've heard of couples who practically need one whole year just to prepare for it!

And how are you going to find extra time to plan your wedding, given your busy schedule?

By the time you knock off on a regular work day, you’re already dead tired from all the work you had to do... And by that time in the day, most of the vendors would already be closed for the day too!

So if you haven’t already realized...

Wedding planning is actually a very tedious and painful process to go through without any help.

Wouldn’t it be great if there is an easier way to go through the whole wedding process so that you have a better idea of how to manage your time better?

Or perhaps even have someone who is very experienced to advise and help you handle all your wedding needs?

If you feel the same way as I do, then I have some great news about a fantastic short cut for you...

Wedding Jumpstart Workshop!

Wedding Jumpstart Workshop is a complimentary workshop tailored to guide you Brides and Grooms-to-be the essential aspects of wedding planning with the help of a professional wedding planner!

Leverage on the years of experience of the planner who will definitely add tremendous value and help to simplify your wedding planning process!

So if you’re not sure where to start with regards to your wedding planning... this is the perfect ONE STOP SOLUTION that can answer and solve all your wedding woes in the form of a fun and interactive workshop!

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If you want to make your wedding planning a fun and enjoyable process, then you need not look any further as you'll jumpstart this process at our workshop!

Our wedding expert will be there to answer all your questions on wedding planning like...

  • What should I look out for when selecting a vendor
  • How much should I budget for each segment of my wedding
  • Should I select an indoor or outdoor wedding venue?
  • Where are the best places to take wedding photos?
  • And many more!

Spend An Afternoon With A Wedding Planner Committed to Help You Realize Your Dream Wedding!

Your Panel of Speakers

Jennifer Goh, Co-Founder of HYM Weddings

Jennifer is the co-founder and Wedding Planner at HYM Weddings. HYM Weddings is a professional one stop wedding planning company based in Singapore and has its roots from its sister company, HelpYouMarry - the first professional marriage proposal planner in Singapore.

Having planned for many marriage proposals, many clients returned to have their wedding planned by the HYM team. Jennifer has had the privilege to be a huge part of her clients' milestones and have build an excellent portfolio over the past years.

Today, HYM Weddings does local and international weddings and Jennifer is on a mission to help wedding couples get clear of what they want for their wedding and bring their dreams to reality.

Here are the Wedding Jumpstart Event Details


22 August 2015, Saturday


10AM to 2PM


Hotel Re! @ Pearl's Hill

Re!Joice Grand Ballroom

1758 Chin Swee Road, 176987

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When You Attend Wedding Jumpstart
, You Will...

  • Discover the secrets to pull off a fun & stress free wedding planning process from our expert speaker
  • Learn how to put together the themed wedding of your dreams even if you do not have a huge budget to work with
  • Engage in an on-site consultation with our highly experienced wedding planning experts
  • Find out how you can impress your friends and relatives with an amazing & memorable wedding experience
  • Have a clear idea of what is NEEDED and you are less likely to spend on unnecessary items!

And Much Much More!

Plus you'll Get The Rare Chance To Catch A Glimpse Of Hotel Re's Exclusive Thematic Wedding On Display!

Hang on a moment, I know what you're thinking...  “Won’t holding a plain wedding make my life easier? Besides, it’s much more affordable too, right?” Well, here’s a fun fact for you...

Planning with a wedding theme in mind actually makes it much easier for you!


Because you now have an end in mind, you’ll be more organised and you know exactly what you need to get. When you have a theme for your wedding, it also…

  • Makes it uniquely yours! The last thing you want is to have your wedding look like everybody else’s because it is your special day after all. The two of you can inject your personality into the theme and have the wedding designed around the theme. Not only will this make the whole wedding experience more special and personal, your guests will feel more connected during your wedding because they know “This is so you!”


  • Facilitates decision making. Themes can unite ideas, control a mood, and help with the decision-making process. With the millions of possibilities that abound in wedding planning, having a cohesive theme can simplify even the largest of wedding by breaking things down into simpler steps.


  • Helps to keep your budget in check

Most people think that having a theme means spending more because you need to get all the special things to match the theme. But that’s not the case. When you have an idea of how your wedding should be like, you have a clear idea of what is NEEDED and you are less likely to spend on unnecessary items!

  • Makes your wedding more memorable for everybody! Regardless of whether it’s a colour theme or a concept, a wonderfully styled wedding is going to leave people talking about it for a while. And when you look back at the pictures, you will find that everything looks more candid, lively and fun; not like any other normal weddings, where all your guests are just sitting down, focusing on the food served to them.

These are just some of the reasons why more and more couples are opting to hold a themed wedding these days!

It simply makes the entire wedding planning process so much smoother!

However, many people have this impression that finding a venue in Singapore that is capable of organizing a themed wedding for a reasonable budget is close to impossible...

Well, all you need to do is to know where to look!

There is this one particular hotel in Singapore that specialises in theme weddings,

And you might be surprised to know that...

They are extremely affordable!

You may not be very familiar with them but they had been around for years, putting together hundreds of weddings! And of course, their wedding clients have nothing but praises and compliments for this particular hotel.

And this hotel is none other than…

Hotel Re!

Hotel Re! is a Modern Retro Themed hotel that is situated at the base of Pearl’s Hill!

Its scenic location allows the hotel to offer very versatile wedding ambience with luxurious indoor grandeur and tranquil outdoor serenity.

Having organized so many events and wedding over the years, the highly experienced and dedicated events team has seen it all.

From elaborated grand weddings, to weddings with very precise and intricate details; they have all done it!

And, what makes Hotel Re! stands out from the other venues in Singapore is their Extraordinary Themed Weddings!

As a themed hotel, Hotel Re! understands the importance of being meticulous to details in order for a theme to come alive.

Whether it’s the decoration of the ballroom, or the flowers used for decorations;

The type of wedding favours to give out,

Or even the whole design of the bridal “buggy” that ferries the couple form their room to the ballroom;

Hotel Re! will make sure it coincides with the theme!

And the best of all?

Hotel Re! does not charge a absurd top-up fee to have your regular wedding upgraded to a themed one!

Coupled with their experience and extensive contacts with suppliers, Hotel Re! has always been able to secure attractive deals for their wedding clients. That’s why more and more couples are turning to Hotel Re! to help them organize their themed wedding that works within their budget.

Not only will they bring you through the step-by-step on coordinating your wedding with a hotel, they will also be showing you the set-up of a REAL wedding that will be happening on the same day!

After all, how often do you get a chance to look at a wedding from a non-guest perspective?

So make sure you don’t miss this rare chance to see how a real wedding is being set-up!

Still can’t believe that there’s such a thing a “Stress Free Wedding Planning Process”?

Come and see it for yourself then!

This Workshop Is Perfect For...

  • Couples who are practically clueless on what is needed in a wedding besides the wedding gown, suit and banquet.
  • Working couples who have close-to-none time to invest in planning their wedding
  • Couples who have a limited wedding budget to spend; between $30,000 to $60,000
  • Couples who wants a Themed wedding
  • Couples who are serious about their relationship and considering getting married in the near future

It is important that the both of you come for this together because your wedding belongs to the both of you!

It is important that the groom is actively involved in the wedding planning too because they are usually more rational when it comes to spending.

That’s why...

Do remember to get the groom to be to pay extra attention on the budget management part during the workshop!

In case you think spending $30,000 - $60,000 for a wedding is ridiculous...

That is actually the AVERAGE spending of a wedding in Singapore!

And it increases even more so when you’re holding a banquet...

That is why coming for this Wedding Planning Workshop so important if you do not want this sum of money to go to waste!

So Here's What You Can Expect When You Attend This Wedding Planning Workshop!

  • Learn Directly From Highly Professional Wedding Planners
    Tap on the experience of our highly experienced wedding planning experts and find out how they can help streamline and simplify your entire wedding planning process!


  • Get To See An Exclusive Preview Of A Real Themed Wedding Set-Up
  • Enjoy A Sumptuous Buffet Lunch Spread
    We know that it’s hard to concentrate when you have an empty stomach. Hence the expert culinary team at Hotel Re! will be preparing an amazing buffet spread where you can sample some of the delicious dishes from the actual wedding menu!


  • Exclusive Deals & Discounts With Our Partnering Wedding Vendors
    Besides receiving valuable advice from experts at the workshop, our partnering vendors will be offering you exclusive deals at the workshop that will help save you hundreds to thousands of dollars for your wedding!


  • Live Performances By A Wedding Band
    Don't you just love how some weddings have got a live band to serenade their guests with the couple's favorite love songs while they eat? Now you can hire these professional wedding singers to do the same for you in your wedding!

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Event Details

Date: 25th July 2015, Saturday

Time: 11am – 2pm

Venue: Hotel Re!, Rejoice Ballroom.

Entrance Fee: It’s Free!


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Yes! This event is ABSOLUTELY FREE! Because I know how hard it is to plan for a wedding, I want to have as many couples benefit from this workshop as possible. Besides, I believe the money would be better used for your wedding instead!

However due to capacity constraints, seats are limited and are only available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

But more importantly,

The Hotel will also be offering very steep banquet price discounts and many attractive wedding perks to enhance your wedding banquet too!

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