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Top 5 Places In Singapore For Your Nautical Wedding

While it is easy to replicate wedding themes such as the garden, fairy tale, starry night in enclosed areas, it might not be as easy to replicate a nautical themed wedding under the same circumstances because a nautical themed wedding needs all the elements of  the great open ocean to make it work.

With Singapore being such a small island, you might think that there isn’t any suitable location for a nautical-themed wedding. However, this small island has more to offer than what you think! Surrounded by the sea, (one of the key elements needed for a nautical wedding) there are plentiful locations for you to choose from. Take a look at these gems to get ideas for locations in Singapore we have found that will help begin your voyage to “happily ever after”.

1) On the Yacht

Where could be a better location to have your wedding other than a yacht for a nautical-themed wedding? If you prefer to have a wedding celebration on a small scale, with just your relatives and close friends, chartering a yacht will be the prefect plan for an exclusive nautical wedding!

The number of guests you can invite on-board a yacht would depend on the type of fleet you rent. Typically, a yacht can hold 18 to 30 pax when cruising, and an additional 10 to 20 guests when docked at berth. Hence, most couples would choose to have their wedding solemnisation ceremony when cruising with only their relatives on board; and have their wedding reception when they dock at berth.

In Singapore, you can embark on the yacht either at One 15 Marina at Sentosa Cove, Marina at Keppel bay, or other marina clubs in the island.


[image credits: www.marinebookings.com]


[image credits: www.yachtcharter.sg]

2) Cruise

If you and your partner would like to go out to sea for your wedding, the cruise will be your perfect location. Imagine holding your solemnization ceremony on the deck of the ship with the sunset as your backdrop, and enjoy the sea breeze as you as “I do”, we think that it is as nautical and romantic as it can get!

And of course, the best part of having your wedding on the cruise is having unlimited food!

For your meals on-board, there will be a few different choices of restaurants such as the Chinese, Mediterranean, Western, and even barbecue on deck. For the Mediterranean Restaurant and BBQ on deck, the food is usually served in buffet style.

As for the Chinese and Western Restaurants, the cuisines are usually served in courses, and you will be able to repeat your order as many times as you want!
Some of the cruises that provide wedding services are:

–          Royal Caribbean

–          Princess Cruises

–         Celebrity Cruises


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[image credits: www.telegraph.co.uk]

3) S.E.A Aquarium in Sentosa

Considering a fairy tale + nautical-themed wedding but have no clue how to combine both? The S.E.A Aquarium will do just that for you! Having your wedding in the S.E.A Aquarium is not only nautical, it is also magical. While you might not get the sunset as your backdrop, you will have the entire sea as your background! Think “Little Mermaid”, get the idea now?

This wedding venue will leave your guests feeling amazed, definitely a memorable experience for everybody.  You can find the wedding packages that RWS offers here:


[image credits: kexintay.blogspot.sg]

4) One 15 Marina Club

Everything about One 15 Marina Club spells “NAUTICAL”. Located in Sentosa Cove, it is a serene, scenic and surreal location for a nautical theme wedding. At One 15 Marina Club, you can choose to have your wedding at the Roof top terrace overlooking the marina, or at the Poolside terrace where you can enjoy the sunset, or the boaters’ bar for a more relaxing and informal setting.

Other than these 3 outdoor venues, you can also have your wedding ceremony in the NOVA room which is covered with floor-to-ceiling glass walls that offer a 180º view of the marina and surrounding greenery; so you’ll still be able to enjoy the view of the marina in the comfort of air-conditioning.

You can find more details on the wedding packages one 15 Marina Club offers at their site.


[image credits: one15marina.com]

5) Raffles Marina Club

While all the locations mentioned above are limited by capacity, Raffles Marina Club makes up in having the largest venue, where you can have invite up to 200 pax when you hold your wedding at the Lawn And when night falls, you will be able to enjoy the cooling night sea breeze and a romantic evening wedding under the star lights.


[image credits: flickr.com/photos/aurorin]


[image credits: missus-z.blogspot.sg]

[feature image credits: one15marina.com]

Are you convinced that you can have an enchanting wedding with a nautical theme right here in Singapore now?


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