The Best Hotels in Singapore for a Flawless Thematic Wedding

In the recent decade, we have seen more couples opting for a thematic wedding, holding it at alternative locations besides hotels. However, we acknowledge that not all couples are able to have their wedding in an alternate location due to budget constraints, tradition being preferred over novelty etc. This is when the dilemma comes in when you have to compromise your ideal thematic wedding to fit what is seen to be more widely acceptable (i.e. a hotel wedding) in the Eastern culture.

Fortunately, this isn’t a cause of concern anymore as most of the hotels in Singapore do provide thematic wedding packages for couples!

While some hotels only offer the basic colour themes for your wedding, some will go the extra mile to prepare a more exquisite theme for your once-in-a-life time event. Such themes include the whimsical theme, oriental theme and even retro theme!

In addition, with the wedding planning experts these hotels have, they are able to replicate the ballroom into the theme you want, and customising it to suit exactly how you have imagine your wedding to be. From the basic colour theme to the floral arrangement, and to the lightings, these hotels have got them all! Be prepared to be blown away by how detailed these hotels can go to make you feel extra exclusive on your big day.

1. Hotel Re! @ Pearl’s Hill

Hotel Re! is a boutique hotel located on Pearl’s Hill that specialises in thematic weddings. Don’t be fooled by their title as a “boutique hotel”, they are known to deliver and organise events and weddings on a scale comparable to 5-star hotels!

Moreover, operating on a smaller scale means they have more efficient internal communication, which means that the departments work intimately together to deliver efficient and premium services for their guests. The wedding themes they offer include:

Starry Starry Night


Enchanted Garden



Regardless of which wedding theme package you choose, Hotel Re! will ensure that there will be a grand entrance to your wedding completed with a flora wedding arch, and you will be ferried to the wedding ballroom by a floral theme-decorated buggy and have thematic music playing throughout the whole banquet!

For more information on the wedding packages and prices, click HERE


2. The Westin Singapore

The Westin Singapore has also been awarded the best wedding setting and ambience 2014 by Her World Brides venue awards. Hence, you can be assured that your wedding decorations will be nothing short of meticulously designed concepts. This luxurious hotel offers 3 wedding themes, namely:

Oriental Blush

Whimsical Romance

Elegance Devotion


One of the visuals you will have in your wedding would be a Wedding wishing tree and tags for your guest to hang their well-wishes.

In addition, if you are planning to have your wedding solemnisation in Westin Singapore, you can have it at their infinity pool which is located on Level 35. There, you can enjoy an uninterrupted-360-degrees view of the beautiful Singapore skyline, admiring the distinct architectural design of the Marina Bay Sands.

For more information on The Westin wedding packages for 2015, please see 2015 Lunch / 2015 Dinner

3. Hotel Fort Canning

Located in the heart of Singapore, but isolated from the city crowd and buzz is Hotel Fort Canning. In Hotel Fort Canning, you can enjoy the serenity amidst the busy city, therefore striking a perfect balance between the urban and nature side of Singapore. At Hotel Fort Canning, you can find 4 themes specially crafted for weddings. They are :

Red Splendour / image source:

Royal Luxe

Sweet Romance


Summer Love at the Grand Marquee

Besides these, you can also choose to have your wedding in the beautiful garden near the hotel. The wedding experts will be able to help you transform it into a whimsical and magical place which will create memories to last a lifetime for you and your partner when you both yes “I Do” in this romantic setting.

If none of the above theme suits your preference, you may also contact the hotel wedding planners to customize a wedding that suits you.

For more information on their wedding packages, click HERE


4. Regent Singapore 

Regent Singapore is one of the hotels in Singapore that is very generous in their wedding themes, providing up to 6 amazing themes for your choosing!. Each of the wedding themes are uniquely pieced together by the wedding planners to make your once-in-a-lifetime event extraordinary and stunning.

The 6 exquisite themes that Regent Singapore offers are:

Timeless Elegance / image source:

Elements of Elegance / Image source:

Timeless Romance

Elements of Emotions


Elements of Opulence

Seasons in the Park / (this theme features a romantic outdoor park setting within the comforts of Regent Singapore smaller ballroom, accommodating 100 to 140 pax for lunch or dinner.)

The Regent Singapore also provides wedding cards which match the theme and be prepared to be spoilt with choices from the numerous wedding favours!

For more information on the packages and pricing, check their website HERE


(All images are taken from the respective hotels unless stated otherwise)


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