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10 Vegetarian Caterer Options In Singapore You May Not Know About

Looking for options for vegetarian Food catering at your wedding?

Food, one of the most important aspect our Singaporean culture, and especially so in weddings – whether it is for the wedding reception or the traditional wedding ceremony!

For the usual spread of food, the range wedding caterers is vast, and there are no lack of choices. However, if you require vegetarian food caterers, then the choices and selection may be limited! For many of us, we may be put off by the thought of a meat-free meal.. but some of the dishes prepared can taste really scrumptious, that you will not even realise it is vegetarian! In this article, Weddingbells recommends both fully vegetarian food caterers and non-vegetarian food caterers which provide also vegetarian food menu, for your consideration!

PS: For all prices quoted, there is a minimum order for the number of people. And remember to book well in advance for your big day to avoid any disappointments!!

1) Vegetarian Catering Singapore

Vegetarian Catering Singapore is a catering planner for vegetarian buffet and serves 100% pure vegetarian food. With a selection of over 80 vegetarian dishes, it prides itself in serving delicious, healthy and freshly prepared meals that both vegetarians and non-vegetarians will enjoy!




(Source: 7 Sensations Facebook Page)

You can choose either the Set Menu Buffet or Ala-Carte Menu Buffet based on your budget and preference (the prices range from $10.00 to $16.00 per person), and also customized the menu to suit your requirements and taste!



Phone: 8468 6180

2) Nature Vegetarian Delights 大自然素食

Established in 2003, Nature Vegetarian Delights serves a variety of cuisines – Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western, Japanese, European – and other local delights, to satisfy the different taste buds of its customers. Prices range from $12.00 to $14.00 per person.


(Source: Nature Vegetarian Delights Facebook Page)

Website & Facebook Page:


Phone: 6487 7895 or 6286 8028

Fax: 6487 5717 or 6286 5448

3) 7 Sensations

7 Sensations is a vegetarian restaurant in Jalan Besar, but also provides catering services where they provide visually appealing and flavourful dishes. With a total of 7 culinary elements in their menus, namely Asian Fusion Cuisine, Singapore Peranakan Cuisine, Western Cuisine, Thai Cuisine, Japanese Cuisine, Healthy Beverage Bar and Cakes and Pastry, they take vegetarian dishes to a higher level of enjoyment.

Organic fresh produce are sourced whenever possible, and they pride on safe and healthy food for all by offering enzyme-rich food without unhealthy additives like MSG, aspartame, artificial colours or preservatives. For catering, prices range from $19.90 to $29.90 per person.




(Source: 7 Sensations Facebook Page)

Website & Facebook Page:


Phone: 6298 8198

4) Red Leaf Vegetarian Food Catering

In its 15th year of service, Red Leaf Vegetarian Food Catering aims to meet all aspects of culinary art: gratifying the palate, pleasing the eye, aromatic but yet also healthy! Prices range from $8.00 to $18.00 per person.



(Source: Red Leaf Vegetarian Catering)



Phone: 6289 8119

Fax: 6289 8368

5) Loving Hut

Located in Joo Chiat, Loving Hut is the fastest growing chain of international vegan restaurants in the world. Serving international cuisine, all ingredients are 100% vegan. Organic vegetables and non-GMO products are also used as much as possible. Loving Hut believes in being environmentally friendly even while enjoying healthy and delicious food. Contact them for more details on catering!



(Source: Loving Hut)



Tel:  9787 4389 (Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm for catering orders)

Fax: 6348 8718

6) Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant

Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant was founded in February 2003. It believes strongly that vegetarian food does not need to be bland or boring, resulting in an endless variety of choices for the customer. In fact the same sensory experience is replicated so well that many of their customers are not aware that the food is vegetarian! Buffet prices range from $12.00 to $14.00 per person, and it is able to cater to up to 3000 guests! Do enquire online for their wedding catering services to get more benefits.



(Source: Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant)


Phone: Vijay (Manager) 63967769 | 81170773

Non-Vegetarian Food Caterers with Vegetarian Options

7) Tung Lok Catering

Tung Lok Catering belongs to the Tung Lok Group, which in turn has both non-vegetarian and 100% vegetarian restaurants under its belt. The vegetarian buffet and vegetarian high tea prices range from $20.00 to $35.00 per person.

There will be a wedding showcase held at CHIJMES on 23 August 2015 from 12pm to 4pm (click here for more information), where you will be able to explore other catering and venue options by Tung Lok Group.



(Source: Tung Lok Events)



Phone: 6337 2055

8) Oh Farm’s Catering

Oh’s Farm was established in 1984, sparked by a burning passion to provide great food, and is now a committed catering company. They offer a wide array of culinary diversities, e.g. Oriental, Western, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Thai and other Fusion Cuisines, leaving you spoilt for choices. Four Oh’s Farm Catering Menus are offered (for non-vegetarian buffets): “The Basics”, “More than Usual”, “Exquisite Dining” (Buffet and/or Bento) and “Fine Dining”. For vegetarian buffets, only “More than Usual” and “Exquisite Dining” are offered, and prices range from $14.80 to $19.80 per person. Vegetarian Bento Sets are also available at $5.50 per person.

Customized menus can also be created to suit your wedding, and they also provide wedding planning services! In fact, there is a promotion right now for orders under the selection of “Wedding Menus” (valid for events held from 1st January 2015 to 31st December 2015). Perks include complimentary wedding favours and photography (provided by Oh’s Farm), though terms and conditions apply.


(Source: Oh’s Farm)


(Source: Oh’s Farm Catering Facebook Page)



Phone: 6448 8878

9) International Catering Pte Ltd

Established over a decade ago, International Catering has been offering customized menus, delectable food and presentation, and outstanding service to meet customers’ interests and needs. They specialize in creating a memorable event for you and your guests, while ensuring affordability. The price of the Vegetarian Buffet Menu ranges from $8.80 to $18.80 per person (before GST). For expenditures above certain value, complimentary wedding set up and services will be provided too!



(Source: International Catering Pte Ltd)



Phone: 6289 8369

10) Sakunthala’s Food Palace

Established in 1997, Sakunthala’s Food Palace offers Indian-Chinese Fusion cuisine. Sakunthala’s Food Palace delights its customers by focusing on providing the best in cuisine while maintaining affordability. Ingredients are carefully handpicked by the chefs from the freshest produce so that the highest standard of culinary expertise is translated into optimal experience for the taste buds. The Indian Vegetarian Buffet menu prices ranges from $10.00 to $12.00 per person.


(Source: Sakunthala’s Food Palace)



Phone: 6293 6649


Li Ping loves travelling and looks forward to seeing the world from different perspectives. A nature and food lover, she enjoys immersing herself in the beauty of nature and trying out the street food or local cuisines during her travels. She believes in the idea “beauty in simplicity”. Having her interest piqued during her own wedding preparations, she is keen to write and share ideas on various wedding-related issues as a writer on

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