Here’s Why You Should Consider a Bespoke Wedding Dress

Before we start, you’ll probably ask, “what is Bespoke?”.
According to the definition on Wikipedia,

Bespoke- anything commissioned to a particular specification. It may be altered or tailored to the customs, tastes or usage of an individual purchaser.

Hence when you order a bespoke wedding gown, you will get a fully customized gown. And of course, “bespoke” comes with a slightly heftier price tag than ready-to-wear gowns.

Most people will think, “This is crazy! Why would I want to spend so much for a dress I’ll only wear once!?”

While there is some truth in that statement, let me break down the benefits of a Bespoke Wedding Dress.

1) It is made to your measurements and body shape

That means you’ll expect to wear a dress that fits you like a glove. You don’t have to worry about tripping on your dress that’s too long, you don’t have to look unglamorous as you constantly try to pull up the bustier bodice that’s a tad too big for your chest.

Image credit: Elif Kose

Image credit: Elif Kose

2) Bespoke is different from Made-To-Measure

MTM: The dressmaker will takes the pre-exisiting patterns and modify them to fit your measurements. But some places have a threshold for what and where could be adjusted because of the nature of the dress design. Some designs may not compliment your body type or look different after it has been made to your measurement

Bespoke: A new pattern is made for each individual; there is no use of a base pattern. That way the dressmaker will not miss out on subtle difference on the wearer’s body. E.g. The arch on the waist, the slope of the shoulder, the neckline etc.

#TTMD #customisation #workinprogress: #Beginnings of a #mermaidcut #skirt.   A photo posted by Time Taken to Make a Dress (@time_taken_to_make_a_dress) on


3) Fully customizable to your request

Forget about searching high-and-low for your dream dress.  When you bespoke your wedding dress, you WILL get the dress of your dreams.   Imagine you want to get a dress like Gwen Stefani’s , you’ll probably never find it off-the-rack. But anything is possible when you bespoke your dress. Of course, the professional designers will be there with you through the design process to advice you on what suits you best. Such as the choice of material, the most flattering silhouette for your body type etc.    


4) The attention to detail is impeccable; quality is assured

Of course this depends on who do you go to to make your dress. But most couture dress designers and dressmakers have an hawk’s eye for detail. They seek for perfection in every dress they make. So among the many things you are getting flustered about for your wedding, at least you know you will have a perfect dress; one less thing to worry about.

#TTMD #lace #appliqué #workinprogress

A photo posted by Time Taken to Make a Dress (@time_taken_to_make_a_dress) on

  And PRECISELY  this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and it is going to be the biggest milestone in your life, shouldn’t you indulge in yourself and get something perfect?    


Of course I’m not insisting that you have to get a bespoke dress . There are several costs in a wedding that could affect your decision. But these costs are subjected to what you and your groom expect out of your wedding.

If you’re both foodies and desire a large guest list, majority of your budget will be on the banquet. If you’re wanderlusters, then you’ll spend more on your honeymoon. If you focus more on building your home then you’ll probably have a simpler wedding to save more money for your home renovation. If you both like to look your best, of course you’ll invest more on your outfits.

So before you go dress shopping, maybe you’ll like to ask yourself these questions..

  • How much are you willing to spend on your wedding outfit(s)
  • Do you have a very specific design you desire?
  • Because Off-the-rack and Made-to-measure dresses are so common, do you mind wearing the same dress as any brides worn on your special day?

and the biggest question of all

“What am I going to do with the dress after the wedding!?”

  1. Keep it as a memento and possibly pass down to your daughter like what the westerners do.
  2. Some design house are able to reconstruct your dress and you can wear it again for other occasions.
  3. Some boutiques allows you “rent” a bespoke gown. That is you make the gown and you can choose to return it to the boutique after the wedding. But this is also subjected to the design of the dress. If it’s too out-of-the-norm, the boutique may not consider the rental option.


Now, would you consider making a Bespoke dress for your wedding? We want to hear what you think! Tell us by commenting below.

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