6 Unbelievable Destination Weddings You’d Want To Say Yes At

Destination weddings, always a fairy-tale like experience… Those who can afford it often go all out to make this once in a lifetime in event memorable and special, while the others can only look on in envy. High profile destination weddings in recent times include those by Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan in Australia, Taipei and England, George Young and Janet Hsieh in the Antarctica, and Mayday bassist Masa and Vicky Hsieh in Greece.

Inspired by these couple with brave hearts and deep pockets, Weddingbells.sg has compiled some other destinations around the world where dreamy, romantic or adventure-filled weddings are held, bringing you on a trip round the world!

1) In the Mountains

Imagine having those snow-capped mountains as the setting at your wedding? Whether it is the Rockies, the Andes, the Alps or something smaller, you can take your pick! The magnificence and peacefulness of these mountains, coupled with the stunning landscape while you say your vows are bound to be a heartwarming occasion! My Wedding has a list of the various locations and contacts for weddings in the mountain, while Weddings Italy and Freiraum Mayrhofen offer weddings arrangements and packages on their venues in Italy and Austria respectively!


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2) In the Safari

For animal lovers who would like to get up close and personal with something bigger and wilder, safari weddings are just for you! Whether it is in the Safari Park of the San Diego Zoo, or the Safari reserves (e.g. Garonga Safari Camp, Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve or Chengeta Safari Lodge, just to name a few) in South Africa, the experience of overlooking the herds of animals while saying your vows, and possibly having animals’ calls as a sign of approval to your union, is bound to thrill you and your guests!


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3) In the Igloo

If the amazing sights from nature in the Scandinavian countries (think northern lights and snow capped mountains) leave you in awe, be prepared to be further intrigued! How about a wedding in the igloo? At the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland, the igloo is elevated into an ice chapel. Coupled with a choice of riding on a reindeer or horse on a sleigh into the wedding site, and a chance to view the aurora borealis dancing in night sky, this experience is surely surreal and enchanting!


[Image credits: kakslauttanen.fi]

Another alternative is the Alpeniglu Village in Brixen im Thale, Austria. A beautiful igloo church is built uniquely and differently every winter, definitely a perfect and romantic setting for an outstanding wedding!


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4) In a Cave

If terms like stalactites and stalagmites resonate with you, then a cave wedding may be just what you are looking for! Places like Jenolan Caves in New South Wales Australia, Bridal Cave in the Ozarks of Missouri, Howe Caverns in New York, both in USA and Wookey Hole Caves in Somerset UK offer cave wedding packages, and the beautiful rock formations in each of these places is sure to satisfy cave enthusiasts!



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5) On A Glacier

Up the wow factor by bringing your wedding to the glaciers in Alaska! Establishments like Alpine Air Alaska  and Juneau Alaska Adventure & Tours provide services in arrangements for weddings! However, it is really cold at the glacier, so long flowing capes, white fur jackets and hats are common get-ups. However, to go up the glacier, wear big, clunky boots with spikes on the bottom called crampons has to be worn to prevent slips. You have been warned!


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6) Next to a Volcano

Volcanoes are not something we commonly encounter in our lives (unless you live in countries along the Ring of Fire!). Being so majestic and unpredictable, adventure lovers are bound to be game for such destination weddings. Whether it is in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica or Taal Volcano in Philippines, couples can say their vows against the volcano as the backdrop! For Arenal Volcano and Taal Volcano, resorts like Tabacon Grand Spa and Thermal Resort and Club Balai Isabel respectively are able to arrange the weddings for you!


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Indeed, not all of us are privileged enough to have a dream come true destination wedding, and so I hope you enjoyed marvelling at the various wonderful sights and backdrops these locations for the weddings. Regardless of the place, at the end of the day, the same 2 words – “I do” – marks the matrimony of the couple, and that is what matters the most, isn’t it?


Li Ping loves travelling and looks forward to seeing the world from different perspectives. A nature and food lover, she enjoys immersing herself in the beauty of nature and trying out the street food or local cuisines during her travels. She believes in the idea “beauty in simplicity”. Having her interest piqued during her own wedding preparations, she is keen to write and share ideas on various wedding-related issues as a writer on WeddingBells.sg.

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