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9 Secret Locations In Singapore For An Enchanting Pre-wedding Shoot

Planning to take your pre-wedding photos soon? Then it’s inevitable that you need to answer the “million-dollar” question: Where exactly to go?

Many couples now head overseas for their pre-wedding photoshoot, and options commonly include beach/island destination of our neighbouring countries, Taiwan, Korea, Europe or Australia. Local pre-wedding shoot packages including actual day wedding services can start from the lower range of maybe two thousand dollars, and go up to maybe four or five thousand dollars, depending on the bridal boutique and their package. An overseas photoshoot sets you back by about a few thousand dollars more. This is not cheap, especially for couples with tight finances!

The grouse for local pre-wedding photoshoot locations are that it’s too common or boring… but fret not, we here bring you a few gems: locations that are not that common (yet)! Some locations might require you to pay for usage, so do double check!

1) Lalang Fields at Tuas/ Punggol

Lalang fields are great if you like to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban Singapore. The vast areas of Lalang form a fitting backdrop for a dreamy and tranquil moment.


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2) Punggol Waterway

Singapore’s first man-made waterway, the waterway at Punggol traverses through the entire Punggol eco-town. Both flora and fauna coexist here with a modern water body, allowing you to include the best of both worlds in the photos.


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3) Lazarus Island

Fancy a lovely beach with clear waters right here in Singapore? Then consider Lazarus Island (previously known as Pulau Sakijiang Pelapah), an uninhabited island linked to St. John’s Island by a narrow causeway. Visitors to this island come to enjoy its tranquillity and beautiful scenery. However there is no direct way to get here – but you can board a ferry from Marina South Pier to St. John’s Island, and then take a 10 minute walk across the causeway. Also, do note that although there are shelters on the island, there are no toilets and only few rubbish bins. So be prepared!


[Source: Straits Times, 5th June 2015]

4) Thematic Cafes

Cafes with a theme can add variety to your photos. Some of the cafes in this category include Coastal Settlements / Jubilee Coffee House & Bar, Wheeler’s Yard and Ben and Jerry’s at Dempsey.

Both The Coastal Settlements and its sister restaurant, Jubilee Coffee House & Bar, are cafes with decor from the 1960s and 1970s – great for couples who love would like to reminisce the past!

The Coastal Settlements



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Jubilee Coffee House & Bar


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Address and contact number:

Coastal Settlements: 200 Netheravon Road, Singapore 508529

Tel: 6475 0200

Jubilee Coffee House & Bar: 580 Netheravon Road, Singapore 508516

Tel: 6543 0060

Wheeler’s Yard is a vintage cafe with an industrial setting, adorned with many bicycles. If you and/or your other half are cycling enthusiasts, then this might be just for you!



 [image credits:]

Address and contact number:

28 Lor Ampas, Singapore 328781

Tel: 6254 9128

Ben and Jerry’s at Dempsey has a romantic yet laid-back atmosphere. Coupled with the rustic ambience inside, it provides a setting for country-style photos.



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Address and contact number:

8 Dempsey Rd #01-14, Singapore 247696

Tel: 6473 3231

Note: Do contact the venues directly to find out if there are any costs, requirements or restrictions in doing a photoshoot at the location!

5) Children Little Museum @ Arab Street

Reminiscing the past is now easier with the Children Little Museum! The type of decor and furnishings date back early nation building years, from the retro neighbourhood shops to rock and roll to vintage. There is a small entrance fee, and an additional sum is required if couples wish to take photos inside. Contact Museum for more information!



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Address and contact number:

42 Bussorah Street

Singapore 199460

Tel:+65 6298 2713

6) Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

Photos taken on railway tracks just have a different feel. There is a rugged yet pensive mood, perhaps providing a good contrast to the other photos you have taken. Tanjong Pagar Railway Station is opened on public holidays, but if necessary, individuals can also apply for private usage. Apart from the railway tracks at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, there are also alternatives at Bukit Timah (along Rifle Range Road) and Sunset Way. Do take care when venturing on any abandoned tracks as they may not be well-maintained.


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7) Chijmes

Chijmes is a national monument in Singapore with over 130 years of history. Once a Catholic convent school, it has been restored in recent years for shopping and dining. With the exterior still maintained like a cathedral, it is apt for couples who wish to achieve a semblance to something European. However, there is a fee required for photography there.


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8) National Museum of Singapore

The facade and interior of the National Museum spells of colonial and Victoria design and is great for couples who wish to go for something contemporary. However, there is a fee required for photography there.


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9) Places Significant To You

Last but not least, I believe a location significant to you and your other half would be one of the best locations to take pre-wedding photos. It can be at your favourite hangout like the mall, at the supermarket where you both frequently do the groceries, at the place where you met or had your first date, or the housing estate or school where you spent part of your earlier days together. Capturing this once in a lifetime moment against a backdrop of somewhere meaningful to both of you, is worth much more and will create a unique set of photos and memories, just for the both of you!

If somehow local photo shoot locations do not meet your expectations, there will always be photo editing tools to fall back on – by using different filters or changing the colours, different moods and styles of photos can be created, as per your liking!

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Do you have any place in particular that you’d like to go for your pre-wedding shoot?


Li Ping loves travelling and looks forward to seeing the world from different perspectives. A nature and food lover, she enjoys immersing herself in the beauty of nature and trying out the street food or local cuisines during her travels. She believes in the idea “beauty in simplicity”. Having her interest piqued during her own wedding preparations, she is keen to write and share ideas on various wedding-related issues as a writer on

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