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9 Shots Your Photographer Can’t Miss For An Unforgettable Wedding

Many couples engage photographers for their wedding day to capture the emotions and love that will remind them of this day for years to come.

Photographs capture a moment that will be gone forever, and on this very special day, there are precise moments one should capture so as to look back fondly or show their kids in future.

Here’s our take on 9 mandatory photo moments a couple should have to keep them reminded of this once-in-a-lifetime event!

1) Shots Of Bride And Groom Getting Ready

The preparation shots are the ones which show the anticipation of the couple that want to look their best for each other. It’s also a great way to showcase the gorgeous transformation of both bride and groom from plain to glam!


[image credits: desmondseanteo.com]


[image credits: cambsweddingphotography.com]

2) Shots Of Parent’s Expressions

The proudest moment of any parent, maybe other than the day they graduate, is probably the day their child gets married. The day marks their child becomes an adult and will one day become someone else’s parents. The images will no doubt be a very touching one.

One of the best moments to capture this will be when the father hands over the bride to her future husband.

parents emotions

[image credits: www.jenniferbedlow.com]

3) Shots Of Fun Gatecrash Moments

Gatecrashing is quite a unique wedding tradition and it’s probably one of the rare moments you are able to see an otherwise solemn-looking groom perform funny acts with his best friends. Definitely a moment that will bring back some laughter, years down the road.

power rangers

[image credits: www.artlessmode.com]

4) Shots Of The Groom Seeing His Wife The First Time

That look of love. Enough said.


[image credits: http://magazine.fourseasons.com/]

5) Shots Of The Kiss

There will no doubt be plenty of kissing scenes between the bride and groom, but the important part is capturing one which is least expected.

Usual “kissing” shots happen a few times during the wedding day, such as when the groom sees his bride for the first time, after the solemnisation and perhaps during the wedding banquet.

To capture one that’s personal, look out for private moments the couple have throughout the day’s activities.


[image credits: http://barnettphoto.com/]

6) Shots Of Them Walking Down The Aisle

This is the moment where all eyes are on the bride. The photographer can choose to either focus on a close up of the coy bride or take a wide shot that shows both the bride and her guests’ expressions.


[image credits: http://jaymoorephotography.com/]

7) Shots Of The “Emo” Groom

What’s more raw than capturing the image of an extremely emotional groom? Everyone expects the man to be the toughie, but nothing spells more love than in such a picture.

emotional groom

[image credits: www.ecinvites.com]

8) Shots Of The Wedding Party

Amidst the day’s frenzy, many couples will remember to thank their bridesmaid and groomsman but they often forget to have a picture with the entire wedding party.

Make the picture a fun shot so that the couple will remember all the joy and laughter shared on this special day with their friends.


[image credits: weddingbee.com]

9) Shots Of The New Family

Now that 2 familes have become 1, how’s that complete without a new family shot? Take a shot of the newly-weds and their parents and another with the entire family from both sides! Forget the prim and proper…  instead opt for a fun shot to usher in this new chapter of their lives.

new family

[image credits: http://iheartweddings.com.au/]

Years after your wedding when you look back at these photographed moments, you’ll remember exactly the emotions you felt on this special day. You might be surprised to know that the wedding album sitting under the bed has saved many marriages from ending.

Make it a point to look at the lovely pictures once a year to take a walk down memory lane, and you’ll be thankful for the love and blessing you have from choosing to marry your partner.

Any must-have shots that you feel wasn’t covered? Feel free to add to it!


Writing has always been a passion for Lynette and she loves to share her experience with others. While preparing for her own wedding, she realised that it's difficult to find quality information for couples here in Singapore and wants to share the knowledge gained from her own research.

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