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8 Brilliant Wedding Reception Ideas You Can “Borrow”

The wedding reception is a form of celebration after the completion of a marriage ceremony. A wedding reception can be held indoors or outdoors, depending on the your preference.

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 In a typical wedding reception, the first event would be the cocktail reception which the guests can enjoy after registration. Thereafter, the guests would proceed to their respective seats in a hall to be seated and a video montage of the newlyweds will be shown before they make their entrance.

After the arrival of the bride and groom, they will give a “thank you” speech followed by the serving the food (the favourite part of the wedding reception). The bride and groom, along with their family members, will then move from one table to another for taking photos with all the guests present.

Afterwards, there will be cake cutting and champagne opening by the bride and groom and “Thank you for coming!.”

The end.

Mm… Sounds quite standard and boring eh? How can we make an average wedding reception not so average and make it more enjoyable instead? Let us introduce you some interesting and creative ideas so that you wedding reception will be the coolest and most memorable one to for your guests!

1) Have a Video Booth Instead of A Guest Book

Instead of having a conventional wedding guest book, how about having a video booth for your guests to record their congratulatory speech? What is great about having a video booth is that you will be able to capture the emotions of your guest and the fact that you can hear the words of blessings from your guests is just so much more endearing than reading off a book.

It is also a good opportunity to introduce the people in the video to your the other half as they might not be your mutual friends. So in the future when you mention [insert name], your partner can reply “she/he’s the one who said XX in the video booth” instead of “who is that?”

On top of that, it is not expensive to have a video booth too! All you need is a video recording device (e.g. iPad, camera, a computer etc) and a quiet corner in your wedding reception venue and ta-da, you’ve got your own video booth!


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2) Set Up A Photobooth

The photo booth is probably the best wedding entertainment invented ever! It is interactive, fun and suitable for all ages! With all the interesting props provided (such as funky glasses, wigs, bubble words etc), the guests are bound to have a great time at the photo booth!

Imagine your friends and relatives or even your grandparents having fun with choosing and wearing the different funky accessories, and then posing for fun and random shots. It is without a doubt much better than formal photo-shooting just with the newlyweds.

No one would say “No” to this idea, will we?


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3) Prepare a DIY Confetti Bar

There is something about bars we love. Candy bars, dessert bars, cereal bars and now introducing the confetti bar!

Place some glittering and shiny sequins and pom-poms at your reception for your guests to scoop before they enter the dining area. Let your guests join in the celebration by throwing those colourful confetti while you are making your entrance down the aisle.

This will definitely be a picture-worthy moment filled with shimmers!

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4) Playlist Customised By Your Guest

When planning for a wedding reception, most couples will focus on the food, wedding decorations, seating arrangements, etc. and overlook on the songs / music to be played. While music might not be as important as the items mentioned above, having good music will definitely enhance the ambience and it can help to liven up your guests too!

Rather than just popping the usually wedding songs / classical songs into your music jukebox, you let your guests choose the songs they’d prefer. You can let your guest customise the playlist by placing a whiteboard (or any writing materials) at the registration table for your guests to suggest a song for the wedding.

5) Advice Cards As Ice-breakers For Your Guests

We know how awkward it is when there are strangers or long lost friend sitting at the same table with you, and your conversation with them ends as soon as it has started. You can help your guests to ease the awkwardness by leaving some advice cards or trivia quiz at the table.

Your advice cards can include questions such as “What should we name our first kid if it’s a girl / boy?”, “Suggest a perfect location for our honeymoon”, “Any golden advice to stay a loving couple?” etc.

It is a perfect ice-breaker for your guests and at the same time, you are also able to get some useful tips or suggestions from your guests!

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6) Helium Balloons To Style Up your Wedding Reception

Balloons are one of the best decorations you can have for wedding receptions because 1) it create a stunning visual, 2) it come in all shapes and colours and sizes which makes it go well with any themes,  and 3) they are camera / insta-worthy.

Besides the points mentioned above, we have also thought of some other ways which you can make full use of the balloons.

These include:

– Have numbered helium balloons to show the table number: It makes locating your table among the massive crowd so much easier. With those numbered balloons, you can be sure that you’ll find your way even if you are late!

–  The release of the balloons when the couple makes their exit: This idea would be more applicable to those having an outdoor wedding. Imagine watching the release of hundreds of colourful balloons into the blue sky as the wedding reception comes to an end. It will be a dream-like and beautiful image to watch those balloons float up and away and it will definitely leave your guests gasping in awe and non-stop “Wows” would be heard!

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7) Bartenders No More

It can get really annoying when you ask the bartenders/waiters/waitresses for a drink and they never come back with your request. How are you supposed to toast without a drink?? Wouldn’t it be an awesome idea to have a self-service drink bar whereby drinks are stored in drums or tanks or even water dispensers?

Take control of your drinks and always be ready for a toast anytime, anywhere. So let’s ditch the bartenders now before they ditch us!

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8) The Most Useful Wedding Favour You Can Have

Have you ever came across this situation where you have accidentally drank from your friend’s glass because there are simply too many drinking utensils on the table and you do not know which is yours? Well, it is no big deal drinking from your friend’s glass (unless he/she is absolutely against sharing) but I am sure you would pretty much prefer drinking from your own glass.

To avoid a situation like this, prepare personalise drinking glasses / mugs for your guests for them to use for the night. It is environment friendly and it can double up as a wedding favour which can be used immediately! Alternatively, having a wine glass charm is not a bad idea too!


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 Any ideas you’d want to include in your wedding? Share with your friends!


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