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6 Ways How You Can Propose Without A Diamond Ring

Imagine a proposal without a diamond ring! Is that a faux pas? We think not necessarily so. Read on to find out why and how you can do so!

As societal norms are changing gradually, many ladies are becoming more receptive and aware about the various issues – role reversal, practicality and value of a diamond engagement ring and the financial status of the couple.

In the case of role reversal, I am referring to the lady being the one to propose to the man.

Although not as common yet, there are no rules stating that only men can propose to ladies.

In fact, there is an additional advantage – an engagement ring is not an absolute necessity, since men do not usually wear engagement rings!

Next, with changing tastes and preferences, some ladies have placed less emphasis on a diamond engagement ring.

Instead, alternatives like diamond simulants can be used, such that the cost incurred is a fraction of a real diamond ring.

Of course, it is important to come to a consensus with your other half on what expectations they have on non-diamond engagement rings, and what are the possible options.

Besides, there is no limitation on what type of ring should be used for the proposal, so follow your heart!

1) Diamond Simulants:


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Last but not least, financial situation of the couple.

Not everyone has the luxury of having the financial ability to buy both a fancy engagement ring and wedding bands.

How do you gauge?

In casual conversations, sound your other half out – find out if it is possible that instead of splurging on the engagement ring and wedding bands, the engagement ring and wedding band can be combined into just one ring.

That allows you to set aside more budget to get the ring for the proposal.

Alternatively, perhaps you can consider getting something similar and simpler but with a lower cost (e.g. diamond stimulants or crystal rings) or something of significance (say maybe a simple necklace or bracelet).

That way, you can get to spend more on wedding bands subsequently – it is a plus since the wedding bands will also be what you both will be wearing constantly after the wedding!


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Having said that, alternatives to ring-less proposals are:

2) Proposing With A Ring Box:

There may be no engagement ring at the point of proposal, but with the empty ring box, there are many possibilities to the ring.

She can fill it with a ring she desires; or if you cannot afford a ring now, it can be a goal you work towards to, as a milestone in your life when you finally can afford the ring for her.

Alternatively, if you are skipping the engagement ring, you both can design the wedding rings together after proposal: Take the opportunity to design bespoke wedding bands together.

While you may not have a diamond engagement ring, but a custom-made wedding band may just be even more meaningful and representative to you both!

3) Customised Rings:


[Source: lingjewellery.com]


[Source: lingjewellery.com]

4) Having A Spontaneous, Unique And Memorable Proposal:

Take note of your other half’s preferences in terms of the the location or atmosphere where his or her dream proposal is, then mark the occasion with a large bouquet of his or her favourite flowers!

Be it under a romantic starlit sky or a quiet corner on the streets, in your favourite restaurant or during a staycation, it is a time and moment that belongs to both of you only!

5) Proposal With Token Of Love:

Is there an item that is significant to both of you?

Then you can propose with it as a token of your love for each other, and willingness to commit to each other! This item will probably be much more meaningful than that diamond ring.

6) Proposal With A Family Heirloom:

If you have a heirloom which is meaningful and relevant to the occasion of a proposal, use it!

It can be a romantic gesture, as it shows how much you are willing to pass on something so precious to you and your family, to her!

Of course, these are some ideas and views which may not be that common or widely accepted yet, but at the end of the day, the proposal is between the both of you, so make it a beautiful and memorable moment!

Do ensure that you both communicate openly about it, so that both of you understand each other’s expectations!

Wishing you success in your upcoming proposal!


Li Ping loves travelling and looks forward to seeing the world from different perspectives. A nature and food lover, she enjoys immersing herself in the beauty of nature and trying out the street food or local cuisines during her travels. She believes in the idea “beauty in simplicity”. Having her interest piqued during her own wedding preparations, she is keen to write and share ideas on various wedding-related issues as a writer on WeddingBells.sg.

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