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5 Most Enchanting Churches in Singapore For A Catholic Wedding

Before we get carried away by the fancy ideas for weddings, we should always remember that a marriage symbolises a commitment of a lifetime and should be viewed as a formal & sacred event. Hence, Catholics and Christians usually hold their wedding ceremony in churches where they take their vows in a formal presence of a pastor or priest.

Couples would usually prefer hold their weddings at their own churches. However, sometimes when circumstances limits, the couple will have to look for alternate venues

e.g. Space constraint where the church is not big enough to accommodate your guest list, availability of venue during the wedding day etc.

If you’re in need for an alternate venue besides your church, here are some 5 magnificent churches in Singapore where you can consider for your wedding.

1) Church of St Mary of the Angels 

5 Bukit Batok East Avenue 2, 659918
Tel:  6567 3866


When you drive past St Mary of the Angel, you might not realised that it is a church because of its modern contemporary façade. This Roman-Catholic church was completed in 2004, designed to reflect the parish’s identity as a contemporary Francisan parish. In fact, the building was awarded the Singapore Institute of Architects Religious Building category award in 2004, and Design of the Year award at the first President’s Design Award in 2006! So if you prefer a venue with a modern outlook, S.M.O.T.A would be a good consideration

You’ll also find the church has up-to-date facilities, and it is also fully air-conditioned, a venue suitable to beat the burning heat in Singapore.

Cost: Church offering – S$200, flower decorations – S$300, Choir (optional) – S$200. Reception on property – S$150/hr.



2) Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

1259 upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534795
Tel: 6280 0980 |


The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a long-standing Catholic church in Singapore with a exquisite “castle-like” facade. In its interior, the church features a long aisle; a perfect runway for the bride.

For brides who are hopeless romantics, imagine this! As you slowly walk down the aisle with your dad, all eyes are on you. Your mom, best friends and other guests are weeping tears of joy, and then there’s your groom at the end of the aisle smiling like he’s the happiest man on earth (which he is of course). Yeap the walk down the long aisle will build up those anticipation and feelings! It also gives the photographers ample opportunities to take the perfect shot on your bridal march.

There is also a lawn yard within the compound; making it a great location for photos and for brides to toss her bouquet.

Cost: Use of main church – S$300, Use of Church canteen – S$350.



3) Blessed Sacrament Church

1 Commonwealth Drive, Singapore 149603
Tel: 6474 0582 |


If you like a cosy and rustic venue, the Blessed Sacrament Church would be perfect. The high ceiling and dimly-lighted main hall extrudes a romantic vibe for a wedding.

Don’t be fooled by its very traditional appearance, this Catholic church is well equipped with modern facilities like air conditioning and up-to-date AV system.

Cost: Price details are not available online, contact the church for details



4) Church of St. Teresa 

510 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 099446
Tel:  6271 1184 | stteresa@singnet,


Church of St Teresa is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful churches in Singapore. This Catholic church takes on the Renaissance style in its architecture, similar to the St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Like all traditional Catholic churches, the interior features a high ceiling, traditional wooden pews and an altar at the end of the aisle backed by stain-glass windows.

If you’re a Catholic couple aiming for a fairytale-like church wedding, or European-style wedding photos, Church of St. Teresa would be the most ideal location of all.

Cost: Price details are not available online, contact the church for details



5) Church of Saint Francis Xavier 

63A Chartwell Drive, Singapore 558758
Tel: 6820 6076 |


Located in the heartlands of Singapore, Church of Saint Francis Xavier is another Catholic church you can consider if you have a large guest list. The sitting area in the church is expandable, accommodating your large bridal party comfortably for the ceremony.

Cost: Token sum to church, rental of canteen – S$200



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