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5 Ways To Look And Feel Beautiful With Your Wedding Shoes

When it comes to wedding shoes, we agree fully with the phrase “Shoes make the man” (or woman that matter!).

It is your big day and thus of utmost importance that your shoes are comfortable! You will probably be up and about for a considerable amount of time, most probably in with a heavy and long wedding dress in tow.

In this article, will be sharing 5 ways to look and feel beautiful with wedding shoes!

1) Know the Types of Shoes

First, let’s find out the various types of heels out there:

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However, wedding shoes do not necessarily have to be heels – flats (including sandals and ballet shoes) are a good choice too – even more so if you are blessed with height, or if you do not fancy “torturing” your feet.

2) Consider the Height of Shoes & Length of Dress

If flats are out of the question for you, consider how adept you are with wearing high heels. For starters, it is better to play safe a choose a pair with more moderate heel height, for instance kitten heels, instead of wearing something more challenging like stilettos.

Then, consider the length of your wedding gown. If you will be wearing a long gown, it is easier to get away with a pair of heels that is lower, or even a pair of flats, as it is not in plain sight most of the time. For a shorter dress, try to choose heels that are able to elongate your legs visually.

Depending on your preference and requirements, choose the desired height and type of the wedding shoes (see point 1), and you then it’s time for some shoe shopping!


3) Colour and Style of Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes usually consist of satin textured fabric, lace and lots of blitz and glitz, but they can also be understated yet elegant and polished – that depends a lot on the personal preference of the bride.

In any case, a general rule of thumb is to choose shoe colours and style that match your dress or gown, instead of something that will take the focus away from it – unless you want to make a statement and make your shoes the focal point instead!

In addition, consider what you intend to do with your shoes after the wedding. Some brides will prefer to keep the wedding shoes for memory, while some will prefer to utilize it more often on a day to day basis. This can influence the ultimate choice of wedding shoes!

The price of wedding shoes stretches across a spectrum – from high end designer brands the likes of Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin or Miu Miu to custom made shoes by Sinderella or The Shoemaker’s Elf (shoe rental is available too!), and local shoe boutiques, for example Pazzion, Anna Nucci, Kiyo and Gripz. Some of these shoe brands even have a exclusive wedding shoes range!

However, the list here is not exhaustive, so do look up other brands based on your budget so as to find something that really suits you!

Here are some ideas on possible wedding shoes:









Image5-Joelle silver 4-inch bridal wedding evening shoes





















Take note if there are embellishments on the shoes, as you do not want them to catch on the hem of your long gown or dress!

4) Shoes With Removable Heels

If you still did not manage to find something you like, how about shoes with removable heels? (Yes you heard us right!) Paris-based luxury shoe brand, Tanya Heath Paris offers the world’s first shoe line with a removable heel system.

It features 3 collections – for work, play and special occasions like weddings! The heels are available in several different heights, colours, styles and finishing, so you are able to create endless combinations that take you from day to night! The thought of having a personalized pair of wedding shoes with multiple heels will probably set your heart aflutter!

However, this brand is not available locally in Singapore, although it is available online. There are also boutiques Los Angeles, Toronto, various cities in Europe and Sydney.






5) Foot Care

Lastly, after getting your wedding shoes, it’s time to show your feet some TLC!

The feet and toenails are perhaps one of the most neglected parts of our body – we often hide them in our footwear and they are seldom examined up – close. Hence, regular foot care, especially in the months leading up to your wedding (e.g. 3 months before your wedding) are important!

First and foremost, wash your feet, between your toes and under the nails well daily. Then, regularly check for cracked skin or hard skin (or calluses) and try to remove or reduce them with a pumice stone or foot file (when the skin is damp).

Thickly callused skin can crack, leading to pain and infections, so be on a lookout for those so that it can be treated early. Lastly, groom your toenails to ensure they grow well, and moisturise your feet!

Regular visits to a professional for a pedicure will be useful in grooming your feet, but this really depends on the habits and lifestyles of each individual! Finally decide if any pedicure is required (and get it done if so) and then you are all set and ready!

Remember to season your wedding shoes by wearing them beforehand around the house, and also find out where it rubs in order to get appropriate aids to reduce them (like plasters or shoe padding).

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