5 Ways For Any Couple To Avoid The Same Old Wedding Entertainment

When it comes to wedding entertainment, I’m sure the bride and groom want their wedding day to be memorable for them and their guests. Without making it feel like a competition, take 5 ideas here for wedding entertainment that you can have at your wedding.

1) The Live Band And Dance Floor

Everybody can move their body. The bride and groom can start off with the first dance, or the bride and her father can. It is a classic tradition at weddings to have dancing and live music. People can make requests to the band playing and shake their booty to the tunes.

Perhaps the wedding couple likes classical music and hires a quartet to play at the wedding. A rock band is also possible, or perhaps a jazz band would do as well.


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2) Make Photo-taking Less Boring

Taking pictures at a wedding is expected. Put up a photo booth or cutout boards for your guests to pose with. A pretty background can also be set up for them to take more pictures.

3) Create Opportunities For Interaction

Put note cards with questions around the wedding venue and ask guests things like ‘What should we name our baby?’ or ‘What color should we paint our living room?’ You’ll be tickled by the responses people will have for you.

It also gives them a chance to feel connected to the new life you love birds are building. Use worksheets if you want guests to fill in their ideas based on fill-in-the-blanks. That ought to keep them busy for a while.

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4) Keep The Kids Entertained

Guests will bring family and some families have children. A bouncy house will be a great idea. Some adults may even join in the bouncing! Kids are easily entertained. A bag with coloring pencils or crayons can encourage them to unleash their creativity! Give them something to draw, for example, put a question on drawing paper and see how kids respond to drawing how your future home looks like.

5) Get Guests Involved In The Food

If all else fails, people talk about the food. It would be very interesting to have a interactive grill where the chef performs food tricks while cooking food. Of course, flipping shrimp at guests for them to catch with their mouths is not a good idea as you don’t want them to soil their wedding outfits.

It can be fun if guests get to make their own dessert, or grill their own sticks of BBQ. They can also decorate their cupcake with different icing colors at the cupcake station. Opt for cookies if not cupcakes.

You could do a poll amongst friends and family that would be at your wedding to find out what kind of entertainment they would like. Whichever way you go, you wedding is the main entertainment for guests because they are there to celebrate your union with your significant other. Hopefully, these 5 ideas for wedding entertainment will help with your wedding planning!

Do you have ideas to help weddings steer clear from convention? We want to hear them!


Eunice lives in Omaha, NE, home of Warren Buffet. It has been 5 years since she left sunny Singapore. She enjoys cooking, eating, going places by car, plane and on her boyfriend's Harley. Next on the list is to take an overnight train to somewhere. When she's not doing fun things, she's studying and works overnights for a corporate travel company.

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