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5 Unusual Ways How Couples Arrive In Style For Their Wedding

It’s your big day, and the bridal car is an important aspect of it!

Big and luxurious-looking cars are commonly chosen, and many couples usually choose one of the following options: using their own car, borrowing from family, relatives or friends, or renting a car.

How about bucking the trend and choosing another form of transport that lets you arrive in style? presents you with a few options…

1) Vintage Cars

If you are a lover of all things antique and quirky, have a vintage theme for the wedding!

At least if you intend to introduce a retro feel to your wedding and the photos, then using vintage cars would be the perfect choice!









2) Limousine

It is not every day that we get to be in a limousine, so couples may choose to indulge themselves and their loved ones on their big day.

In addition, a limousine may also be able to fit both the couple and some of the wedding party, reducing the need for additional transport required.

Having fun and bringing joy to others at the same time never sounded so good!



3) Minibus / Party Bus

If you intend to do away with the formalities of a wedding car, consider hiring a minibus!

Not only it is more casual, it can also transport more people in your wedding party.

This means that you get to interact more with one another during the journey!

If you think you’ll like it, this may just be for you!







Alternatively, if you are planning for something different at your march-in, the following options are possible too, if your wedding venue allows for it!

4) Buggy/ Carriage

What do you think of arriving in a buggy or carriage?

That is definitely a unique and cool march-in idea for many brides!

It allows the couple to enjoy the ride, greeting guests along the way, without worry of tripping over while walking.

For instance, at the Orchid Country Club, wedding couples are able to take the wedding buggy for their second march-in during the banquet!

If you prefer a carriage, Cinderella-style carriages for weddings are available for rental:



5) Horseback / Horse Carriage

If you are having a outdoor wedding, then perhaps you can consider arriving on horseback or in a horse carriage!

With the laid-back atmosphere and fairytale-like march-in, it would be a moment to remember for you and your guests!





I hope the recommendations for an unforgettable march-in helps you plan for your own big day.

Share with us any awesome ways you’ve seen newly-weds arrive in style!


Li Ping loves travelling and looks forward to seeing the world from different perspectives. A nature and food lover, she enjoys immersing herself in the beauty of nature and trying out the street food or local cuisines during her travels. She believes in the idea “beauty in simplicity”. Having her interest piqued during her own wedding preparations, she is keen to write and share ideas on various wedding-related issues as a writer on

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