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5 Brilliant Ways To Bring Twilight To Your Wedding

Many ladies have dreamed of having the wedding that they’ve seen on television and in the movies. I’m sure tons of women have swooned over the wedding that happened in Twilight between Edward and Bella.

Even if you are not a Twilight fan, the amazing wedding set-up is worth checking out! Here’s how to have a Twilight inspired wedding that is just as romantic and enchanting as the movie.

  1. Since the Twilight wedding was set outdoors in the forest, you could find an outdoor venue that is covered in greenery. If done indoors, all you need are lights and flowers. To get the dreamy look, decorate with white flowers. You can have a wedding arch where you say your vows at. Decorate the arch with white flowering vines. If you prefer color, go for a pastel pink flowers or if you like the dark side of Twilight, try deep red flowers.
    light trees wedding twilight

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  2. Wedding invites can have the old school charm with cursive lettering and a wax stamp to seal it. Instead of Team Edward or Team Bella, use the name of the groom and bride.

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  3. The key here is to be flowy. Flowering vines, flowing dresses and hanging yellow lights create a dreamy atmosphere. Table decorations do not necessary have to be flowy, but the white ivory table cloth and wooden chairs bring out the rustic feel and still makes it elegant. Centerpiece flowers in ivory or red will look beautiful to complete the look. Perhaps for the evening dinner, use dark colors instead of pastels. Do not forget the candles. After all, what’s more romantic than a candlelight dinner?
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  4. For indoor decorations, here is an idea that may work. Minus the real greenery, the decorations can take place of the plants. Fake plants are great to work with. The idea is to bring nature to the wedding as much as possible.
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  5. Cutting the wedding cake is one of the most symbolic events at a wedding even if the cake isn’t real. Cake cutting dates back to ancient times and although carries a different meaning now, it is a start to a continuous relationship. Perhaps the wedding cake in the movie is too massive to replicate, there is always a smaller and different version, yet it exudes ‘Twilight-ness’.
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Twilight fans out there, hope this has helped with planning your Twilight wedding. Follow your heart and come up with even better ideas that would make your wedding even better than the movie’s.

Perhaps your guests could come dressed as Twilight guests, but most importantly, the bride and groom are the main stars of their wedding, Twilight or not.

Any details that will bring out the mood of the wedding to be magically similar to what you saw in the film? Share it with us!


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