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4 Ways How Being Prepared For Pre-wed Photo Shoots Make You A Better Couple

Many couples in Singapore take their pre-wedding photo shoot seriously – going overseas, signing up expensive photography packages with bridal studios or even requests for shots by famous photographers.

Since you are going to spend so much it to capture your love story, it’s best to heed these tips to ensure you get the most out of your pre-wedding photo shoot session.

When you show up prepared for the photo shoot, you will enjoy the experience more.

Looking back years down the road, you will remember the happy moments you shared during the photo shoot as you flip through the albums. You will end up with a stronger relationship because of the hard work you went through together.

We reveal to you 3 ways how you can prepare for yourself for your pre-wedding photo shoot to become a better couple.


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1) Doing Research On Pre-wedding Photography Packages

If you are signing up with a bridal studio that provides an all-in package, you can expect these items:

– Wedding gown & evening gowns (usually 3 to 4)

– Men’s suit

– Hair & Make-up artist

– Studio & outdoor photography (usually 2-3 locations).

– 25 to 35 photos in album

– One portrait size photo with frame

Such packages usually include your actual day gowns as well and other peripherals such as hand bouquet and corsages. They typically cost between $3,000-$6,000.

Compared to an ala-carte package with photographers, the above is a cheaper alternative as it provides everything you’ll need whereas photographers usually do not provide gown rental and make up services.

Additional Charges

You should note that in most bridal packages, there are some items that are excluded in the package. Some items require additional outlay of money. These include:

–       Skin ampoules and fake eyelashes for make up

–       Transportation for outdoor photo shoot locations

–       Additional charges if you want more photos ($40-$90 per photo)

–       Additional style change

2) Finalizing Shooting Locations And Gowns – At Least 1 Month Before

You might think that since you’ve got a bridal studio to take care of everything, you can simply appear on the day of the photo shoot and everything else will be smooth.

Wrong! There’s actually lots of preparation to do, especially if you want the photograph session to go well.

i) Choosing your gowns and suits – ensure that you choose something matching. Brides often get carried away with choosing their gowns and forget about the groom!

You are going to be a team, so choose matching outfits to ensure your other half can also look their best.

For instance, if you are going to wear a red gown, the groom may choose a red bow tie with his black suit to ensure you complement each other.


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ii) Research your photography styles and locations – everyone has their own preferences. One may like a classy black and white styled photo shoot, or perhaps something more cute using props or colourful settings.

It helps to talk about these and save some of the photos you like online so that you can show your photographers the feel and style you want.

If you have a specific location you’d like to go to, it will also be good to check its availability and whether you’d need to pre-book the venue.

3) Setting Expectations With Photographer And Trial Makeup – 1 Week Before

i) Meet your photographer – if you can, book an appointment with your photographer to discuss your ideas for photography venues. He’ll be able to give you some tips and perhaps do some recce of his own.

Also remember to briefly discuss the itinerary for the day so that you’d have a realistic timeline to get from location to location.

ii) Make-up trial – some bridal studios offer a make-up trial so that you have a specific idea of how you’d look like for your photo shoot.

If not, you can also ask to speak to the make-up artist to discuss the type of make-up look or hair styles you like. If there are certain accessories you want to use, ask if she has them and if not, you’ll still have time to buy it for the day.


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iii) Facial – it’s time to prepare yourself to look your best! Go for your facial no later than 1 week before your photo shoot as you do not want to have any red spots on your face on the day of the photo session.

You might also want to do your manicure and pedicure about 2 days before your photo shoot.

iv) Get your supplies – Even though the gowns and accessories will mostly be provided by the bridal studio, you’d still need to get your own wedding shoes.

Make sure you have the appropriate shape-wear to look your best. Lots of brides will buy silicon stick-on bras for a push-up effect or get girdles to ensure they look their best in the photos.

4) Preparing Logistics And Resting Early Together – The Night Before

A pre-wedding photography session usually lasts a whole day! Couples typically start their day around 9 a.m in the indoor studio to have their make up before taking studio shots.

You’d most likely leave for your outdoor shoot around 3 pm and it seldom ends before 6 pm.

The most important thing to do he night before is to

i) Pack your bag – ensure you have whatever you’d need for the photo shoot in your bag. Grooms may need to bring their own shirts, accessories such as ties and cuff links, an extra black pants and one/two pair of shoes and socks to match their suits.

For the ladies, remember to pack all your accessories, wedding shoes, your own make up or any props you need for the photography.

ii) Sleep early – you’d want to look fresh and have enough energy for the entire next day!

iii) Watch your diet – you should cut down on salt intake and reduce water intake after 9 pm the night before. This will ensure you do not look bloated with water retention the next day.

iv) Do not wash your hair with conditioner so that you do not have flat hair the next day. Brides should remember to wear a button shirt so that it will not affect your make-up and hair when changing into your gowns.

With these tips in mind, you can be assured of looking your optimal at your pre-wedding photshoot.

You’re now ready for a lifetime of memories as a model couple that show up well prepared for their pre-wedding photo shoot.

How was your pre-wedding photo shoot experience? Share with us how you could have prepared better!


Writing has always been a passion for Lynette and she loves to share her experience with others. While preparing for her own wedding, she realised that it's difficult to find quality information for couples here in Singapore and wants to share the knowledge gained from her own research.

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