16 Precious Moments You Need To Capture On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding only comes once a lifetime, there will be special moments that you’ll want to be captured on film so that next time when you look back at these photos, you’ll be overwhelmed with nostalgia and bliss.

However, with so many things going on that day, you’ll bound to miss out some shots. But seriously, don’t be despair when you don’t have all the shots you want. Afterall, it’s a memory that will stick with you, photographs are there as physical reminders! But nonetheless, it helps to prepare a list of shots you’ll want and hand it to your photographers so they’ll take extra note of it. has collated a list of weddings shots that you can use as a guide over HERE . Besides these common shots, I found that if you manage to capture the following special moments, it’ll make your wedding album even more sentimental and special…

With Your Parents…

On the biggest day of your life, of course you’ll have to involve your parents as much as possible too! Trust me, it’ll definitely get very emotional.

First Look For Your Parents

If there’s anybody that should see your bridal look first, that’ll be your parents wouldn’t it?



Your Parents Getting Emotional

No matter how “tough-love” Asian parents can be, I’m sure on this day, you will see their truest emotions; the conflict between being happy that their children has all grown up and found the love of their life, yet can’t bear to let their darlings “leave the nest”

source: twlteamcom


The First Look

Your Bridesmaids

If you girls have been tight, this will be one of the sweetest photos you’ll have of your girlfriends. I mean I’ll be REALLY happy for my besties on their wedding day and to see them in their whole wedding look will be really special and I hope someone would take that shot.



The Groom

There’s many ways to go about this. But any ways will be a surprise for the both of you.

source: bridalguidecom




At The Ceremony

The walk down the aisle

Do it from 2 perspective, from behind you, so that you get a shot of your guests’ expressions when you enter the room. And another from the front

source: bridescom


The Groom at The End of Aisle

Anticipation + Nervousness + Bliss, this is as emotional as you’ll ever see your husband to be.


Sweeping Shot of the Ceremony

Looking at your ceremony from a whole new perspective

The Handing-Over

The perfect shot with the 2 most important men in your life


At The Alter

This look..

I remembered showing this to my boyfriend and he said,

“You know what is this look? It’s the I-can’t-believe-she-is-mine-now” (cues awwwwwwwww moment)


Exchanging of Vows

Instead of just the frontal shot of both of you, have it from each other’s perspective.

source: RobertoValenzuela

The First Kiss

Usually most photographers will take a close up of the couple. But this perspective allows you to see the expressions of your guests that you’ve miss out on that day.


The Exit

This will undoubtedly be the happiest and most energetic photo in you album.


And maybe before you walk off together as man and wife, give mummy one last kiss?


and of course a hug for daddy

The Reception

Besides the food, the décors, the wedding cake, you could do…

An aerial shot of the reception

You’ll need a drone for this…

Candid Shots of You and Your Guests


The Getaway

And now I pronounce you Man and Wife. Now go enjoy your honeymoon!



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