12 Pre-Wedding Tips Every Bride Needs to Know to Have a Perfect Wedding

So he finally popped the question, presented the ring and you said ‘Yes’.

And after the initial phase of joy and happiness of the proposal, you both come face-to-face to the most tedious and stressful part of your wedding – The Planning Phase.

Most couples make the mistake of not getting organised when they do their planning.

This leads to over-spending, some minor conflicts because of miscommunication, and ultimately not getting their most ideal wedding due to time or budget constrains.

So, if you want to avoid becoming a Bridezilla on your wedding, start taking down these 12 Pre-wedding tips to help you get organised and plan your perfect wedding.

1) Sign up for a Wedding –specific email account

First of all, you don’t want the emails from your vendors to be jumbled up among the clutter of your work-related or personal emails.

So create a new email account specifically for your wedding so you don’t miss out on important emails from your vendors.

You’ll be able too see who and what you have contacted for in one glance.

The best part is you can just abandon the account after the wedding so you’ll not be bothered by newsletters sent out by the vendors.

2) Make a Check list

With a check list, you will be able to track what you need to get, what you need to do, who you need to contact etc. This makes sure you don’t miss out on any small but important things. E.g. registering your marriage and getting your license.

Having a check-list also ensures that you stay on budget; so you don’t stray away to spend money on unnecessary things when you have a list of items to stick to.

3) Download the iWedPlanner App

If you’re not one to carry a planner or notebook around, consider downloading the “iWedplanner” app that’s free on app store.

This app helps to keep your wedding planning details organised right down to the smallest details. E.g. after you sourced through different vendors, you can store their details according to the preset categories for easier reference.

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4) Attend bridal shows

Bridal shows are the best places for you to score discounts from different vendors and secure good wedding package deals.

Even if you don’t intend to sign up for anything, it will be a good place for you to do your research and choose the vendors most suitable for your wedding.

Follow this link to check the schedule on for the bridal shows in Singapore.

5) Check out for black-out dates or festive periods

As you know, there will be certain dates in Singapore where there will be road closure at certain timings. So take note of these dates when you are planning your wedding.

Also, check if your wedding venue has scheduled black out dates. In the event that the black out dates clashes with your wedding, you’ll still have time to source for a new place.

6) Pay with credit cards

Wedding expenses are really going to be costly, so why not try getting something back for every dollar you spend?

Look out for credit cards that have offers cashback or rewards that will be useful for you and use them for all your wedding spending.

Who knows, the points or miles collected could help pay for your honeymoon.

7) Make a seating chart with color-coded post-its

Seat planning can get really messy when you have to start shifting and rearranging your guests. Print a sheet of paper with large circles on it to represent the tables.

Then write your guest names on the post-its. If you need to rearrange, you just have to remove the post-it and shift it. No fuss to start all over again.

And using color-coded post-its immediately helps you identify between his guests or your guests.

8) Visit or Etsy to buy wedding favours in bulk

If you haven’t discovered the wonders of Alibaba yet, you’ll be thrilled to know that it allows you to purchase merchandises in bulk at almost-wholesale price.

Where else do you think your local favourite vendor get their stocks from? Another place to look at is; you’ll be able to find quint and unique wedding favours and gifts for your bridal party at a cheaper rate than local vendors too.

9) When you store your wedding date on your phone, set it as a recurring calendar

This will be handy for people who tend to be forgetful. Never miss an anniversary as the reminder will come on every year.

10) Assign duties to your bridesmaids


Your bridesmaids are there to help you with your wedding. Assigning duties to each individual helps lighten your load; so that in case you miss out on something, your bridesmaid will be there to remind you and assist you with that.

Also, you don’t want to be bothered and flustered down by the nitty gritty details that will happen on the actual day.

Have your bridesmaids take care of these details to remove unnecessary added stress.

11) Compile a list of people and their contacts to handle situations on that day

Source: Pinterest

Linking to the point above, you can assign each bridesmaid or family member to a different vendor.

Get them to exchange contacts; so should anything happens and you are not available, the person-in-charge will be there to resolve any issues.

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12) Practise your first kiss

Source: Four Seasons San Francisco

Now this may not be the major part of your whole wedding planning but this contributes to one of the most significant photo on your wedding day!

Avoid awkward situations where you two knock each other on the nose, or not sure how long the kiss will last.

Make sure you and your husband-to-be agree on what kind of kiss it will be and how long it should be. Then just practise in advance, nothing too difficult!

May these tips guide you to your perfect wedding & happy planning!

And if you have additional tips, feel free to share by commenting below.


Steph Leong considers herself a lifestyle chameleon, with a passion for fashion. Steph is also passionate about street dance; specializing in Waacking. A dancer by night, Steph does freelance writing and graphic design by day.

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