12 Creative Gatecrash Game Ideas That are Awesomely Fun

In the ancient Chinese culture, where marriages were often arranged,the bride and groom are usually strangers when they get married.  To ease off the awkwardness between the couple and lighten up the atmosphere, gate crashing games were introduced. It can also be regarded as a form of “test” where the groom has to pass to prove that he is qualified to marry the bride. In addition, creating a noisy scene during such joyous occasions is believed to ward off evil spirits.

Traditions have passed on and gate crashing are still commonly seen in modern Chinese weddings. Although the purpose might not be the same as the olden days, games are still played to create a lively mood and some entertainment when the groom receives his bride.

On the big day, while the bride waits for the groom inside the house, the bridesmaids (bride’s 姐妹) will be at the gate waiting excitedly for the groom and his groomsmen to arrive so they can start playing the games which they have “meticulously” planned.The groomsmen will have to go through the games with the groom, and how fast would the groom be allowed to enter the house will depend on their performance. And of course, the red packet from the groom too!

To start planning for the gate crashing, we can begin by choosing the theme for the gate crash. Usually the bride will come up with the theme and her sisters will brainstorm on the games. Since the games will be played by the bride’s sweetheart, all the games will have to be approved by the bride.

We have asked some brides and brides-to-be on what type of gate crashing games they like (or would like to play) and we have complied their ideas for you according to 4 differet themes! Go through them and you may like to choose some for yuor own gate crash!

“How Well Do You Know Your Bride”

As the theme goes, it’s a test on how well you know your future wife!

1. Finding the right piece

Take photos of the bride’s facial parts individually (e.g. left eye, right eye, upper lips, mole on the cheek etc) and mix it up with the facial parts of other female celebrities. The groom and his brothers will have to search the photos to find the right facial parts of the bride and piece them together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Grooms, have you been taking a good look at your bride?


2. The Checklist

The bride will come up with a list of questions for the groom to test if he remembers the moments they spent together. Some examples of the questions can be: what did the bride order on their first date, the one thing that irritates her most etc.

To all the grooms-to-be, make sure you are prepared for this and surprise her by showing that you actually have spent time and effort in understanding her! She will definitely appreciate this.


3. The Mystery Treasure box

The mystery box (an opaque one of course) will contain several items selected by the bride that are unique to the bride and groom. The groomsmen will take turns to put their hand into the mystery box and describe the item to the groom for him to guess. The items can be a keychain, a lovelock, a magnet which they have got from overseas etc. The challenge here is the groomsmen have to describe well.

If you want to up the challenge by a notch, make the groom guess why the items are considered memorable to his bride.



” Food Galore “

Great for the gourmet groom…or not?

4. Food Bingo

The bridesmaids will arrange foods in a Bingo grid. Some ideas for the food items include celery, lady finger, wasabi sandwich, pure lemon juice, or any food that is not that pleasant tasting. While the groom would be calling out the numbers, the groomsmen will be eating the foods of the grid that tallies the number while the bridesmaids will be checking the number of a Bingo sheet. The first team to get 5 lines wins!

This nerve-wreaking game is one of the top favourite gate crashing games!



5. The Face Road

Place a slice of cucumber or hello panda biscuit of any other food you can think of on the forehead of the grooms’ team. They have to move the food from their forehead to their mouth by moving their facial parts only.  Sounds easy? You have to try it to know!


6. The Mismatched Eating Game

Prepare utensils which you don’t normally use for eating such as tongs, huge chopsticks, toothpick, or even a comb! Prepare some foods which will be difficult to pick up using these utensils.

Write down the utensils and food on slips of paper and put them into 2 separate boxes. Then, get the groom’s team to draw a utensil and a food. They will then have to finish the food using the utensils they picked within the time limited (i.e. big chopsticks and ice; toothpick and peanuts, comb and vermicelli). This is a test of concentration as well as determination.



“Get Physical”

This is a test for their strength and fitness. A piece of advice to the groom and brothers; you may want to bring a set of clothes for changing as these games will leave you sweating buckets!

7. Vertical Charades

Unlike the usual charades, this revamped version will be a test of the groom’s team physical strength as well as memory. First, the groomsmen will spread themselves throughout the building with a few levels between them (e.g. one on level 1 and another on level 5). The groom will be the final player with the most relaxing task in this game (since the groomsmen are supposed to be his warriors right?), which is to guess the answer to the charade.

The first groomsman will be given a Chinese idiom to act out,which he will have to pass it to the second groomsman who is on a few stories higher. If the groom fails to get the right answer, the game will restart, right from the bottom again!


8. Getting in Frame

The players have to jump continuously and strive to be captured on the camera which is being placed above them.While jumping, they would also need to maintain an expression as requested by the bridesmaids.The catch here is – you will not know when the camera will snap so you would have to jump non-stop!

Although this might seem like a simple task, it gets really tiring as the time passes.


9. The Push Ups

Just doing push ups alone will be an easy-peasy task for the groom’s team. Here are a few proposed variations of push ups for this game:

a) Doing one-legged push ups by putting an ice pack behind the knee joints of each player and they have to hold it using their calf throughout the whole process ;

b) One hand push up: Separate green and red beans using one hand, and the other hand will be doing the push ups;

c) Get the groomsmen to line up in push up positiong(or planking position) in a straight line and have the groom lie  on top the groomsmen’s backs. The groomsmen will have to sing a song while doing the push ups (or hold in the planking position).

It’s time to show the bridesmaids what you’ve got guys!


All in The Name of Fun

10) Pepero Kiss

Commonly seen in couple games, we shall try it on the groomsmen this time. Put the Pepero stick in between the groomsmen lips and they will have to bite it till the shortest length possible. Alternatively, you can ask them to give you a remaining of a specific length too. Any shorter or longer length will result in a penalty.

11) Lips-to-Lips Seaweed

The groomsmen will have to transfer as many pieces of seaweeds as possible from one end of the line to the other, by using their lips only.

Don’t question why girls will come up with this kind of game. Sometimes, there is a cheeky side to girls and we would like to see how close you guys can get too!  Please note that we are not responsible if the seaweed drops while passing and your virgin kiss is taken away from you!


12) The Make-Up Challenge

The groom will be the make-up artist in this game and he will be in charge of the beauty of his groomsmen. Of course, we are not going to let this be such an easy game. The groom will be blindfolded and he has to put on make-up for the groomsmen according to the instructions given by the bridesmaids.

Mascara, eyeliner, lip liner, eye shadows, bronzer, blusher, lip stick etc, have you got them in the right place?


Do you have more gatecrash game ideas? Tell us in the comment section!

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