10 Sure-Win Proposal Ideas That Will Make Her Say ‘YES!’

Traditionally, it is a custom that a man proposes to the woman directly with the presentation of an engagement ring. However, in the western culture, acceptance of the proposal is not a given. Therefore, it is very important that you make your girlfriend feel your sincerity and genuine love for her.

Certainly there are so many ways to propose to her. But the key to a successful proposal is the element of surprise; you HAVE TO conceal your intention to propose as much as possible so that when you go down on one knee with the ring, she’ll be overwhelmed with emotions!

This is the reaction you’ll want, don’t you?

So instead of busting your brains (or wallet) trying to come up with the best proposal idea, we have 10 sure-yes proposal ideas for you!

1) “Take a Walk Down Memory Lane”

Bring her to a place that has personal significance to the both of you. Create a trail lined with photographs or tinkles from your dating days. And at the end of the trail, pop the question with a touching speech and a bouquet of her favourite flowers.



2) “The Musician”

On a basic level, you could serenade to her. But if you like a challenge and bring it to the next level, compose a song dedicated to her! You can include all your bittersweet moments and the proposal within the lyrics. We all know how many girls were mesmerised by Jay Chou and his self-composed songs.


3) “The Prince Charming”

Plan a trip to Disneyland (also known as the happiest place on Earth) and proposed in front of the Cinderella castle. Do check out the fireworks timing so that you may time it with your proposal. Who does like to have a little additional sparks when we are talking about love? You will be sure that your princess will say “yes” to a “happily ever after”.


4) “The Sunset”

If your girl likes things simple and intimate, take her to a beach or a romantic location and watch the sunset with her. Just when you feel she’s totally relaxed and immersing herself in the horizon, pop the golden question!



5) “Do You Want To Build a Snowman”

Plan a trip to a winter wonderland destination that snows. Because there’s no snow in Singapore, we will definitely find it very fascinating. Then, build a snowman and beautify it with accessories such as a tiara, a pretty scarf etc. Take a stroll with your girlfriend and bring her to the snowman (walk a step behind her). Just when she turns her gaze towards the beautiful snowman, drop down on your knee and ask the million dollar question.


Just make sure you kept her warm throughout the trip! A whining, complaining girlfriend means she’s not in the best of mood to say “yes”. #justwarning

6) “The Gourmet”

Bring her to a romantic restaurant for a romantic dinner. Nope, we’re not doing the “ring-in-champange”, “ring-in-cake”, or any “ring-in-(insert food)”.


Instead, when you are about to leave the restaurant, bring her on a detour to a quiet area within the restaurant. Of course before that, employ the help from the restaurant staff to help you in arranging the alphabetic candles spelling “Will you marry me”. It will definitely be a pleasant surprise, unlike the cliché “ring in food” proposal.

7) “The Sky’s the Limit”

Choose a beautiful roof top garden over-looking the skyline, be it day or night, in Singapore or overseas. Treat it as a leisure stroll after your meal or a place for exploration. Pre-decorate the rooftop garden with helium balloons or fairylights or flowers etc. And she will be blown away by the efforts you put in to decorating the place.


8) “Bridging the Gap”

If you are planning a trip to Europe and thinking of a location to propose, may we suggest the bridges in Europe? It can be on Charles Bridge in Prague or Ponte Vecchio in Florence or the Tower Bridge in London or any other pretty bridges in the world!


Imagine,with the sun setting beyond the bridge, buskers playing music in the background, it is almost the perfect setting for a proposal. To make it more memorable for her, you can also liaise with the buskers and make it seem like they are performing just for her, with you ending the song as the climax.

9) “The Movie Junkies”

If your girl enjoys cosy company and her idea of a perfect date is chilling in PJs and watching movies at home, make it special by preparing a video montage of your photos, videos and your proposal speech. Play it in the middle of a movie you are watching. While she might be taken a back in the first seconds, let your video bring her through your memories and a roller coaster of emotions. When she is getting super engrossed in the video, have your ring ready to propose when the video ends!


10) “The Treasure Hunt”

For those who love planning a lot, this proposal idea might be just the one for you!

Convert your house, or a hotel room, or any place into a treasure hunt location. Drop clues around the place which will lead her to mini presents such as a beautiful dress, heels and accessories, so that she will be all dressed up when she meets you at the end of the “treasure hunt”. She might know that there is a proposal coming up, but all the effort you put in will help to build up the tension and excitement in her.



And of course she will look gorgeous in the proposal photos; she can’t fault you next time when you look back at the pictures and say “SEE!! Oh my god, I’m not even prepare then I look so cui~”

The truth is, the key to a successful proposal is not how extravagant it is, but it definitely must show your efforts in planning. That’s what girls like the most – paying attention to the tiniest details! Because then, the girl will know that she’s worth the effort you are willing to put for her now, and for your future together.

Good luck for your proposals!

P/s: Really, please make sure she looks good (by her own standard) when you propose because she’ll want to look pretty even in the proposal photos and video!


Cheryl Ang lives to travel. Amongst the countries she has been too, she loves Italy and Greece the most. The countries on her bucket list include Scotland, Croatia and Iceland. A thrill seeker by nature, she is a fan of extreme sports. Following water rafting and flying fox across a valley in New Zealand, she is looking forward to sky-dive soon! With a strong passion for weddings, she has now joined as a writer. Do watch this space for more exciting and interesting articles!

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